we are the ink monkey

What is the ink monkey?

  1. 1.a mythical creature. 4-5 inches long. endowed with unusual instinct. eyes like carnelian stones. hair jet black. sleek. flexible. fond of eating ink. sits on the desk of (and sometimes sleeps in the desk of) an author or songwriter. waits for the writing to be finished and then drinks the ink in hopes of taking on the magical powers of the writer.

  2. 2.a killer acoustic, americana, blues, country, rock, witty storytelling band of misfits and ne’er-do-wells with a sound and personality that is something like if tom petty had kids with The Muppets

Name: JVo, Mark, stacey, Victor

Location: jackson, mi

Occupation: musicians

tools: guitars, mandolins, harmonicas, cajon, shakers, banjos, resonators, electric pianos, upright bass, ukeleles, microphones, and a story to tell.

who is the monkey?